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Our Philosophy

You should not feel hungry

We will make sure that you never feel hungry while your diet is being optimized to better manage your health condition or help you achieve a healthier weight. Your meal plan will be customized around your regular eating habits with healthier alternatives that you enjoy! You will be able to develop sustainable positive lifestyle habits!

You should eat a variety of real foods

Our core focus is You! Your health is our priority. As an experienced dietitian, I will not comprise on your diet quality. We will aim to maximize your diet so that you receive all the right nutrients in the right proportion to improve your health condition!

You + Me + Technology = Success!

Our platform is designed to provide you with on-going support and guidance that fits in well with your busy lifestyle. We will be engaging you through efficient strategies that allows us to monitor and guide you all along the way!

Personalized Package

Our professional services are all packaged and tailored to your healthcare needs. We want you to be able to improve your health condition through positive lifestyle changes with long-term benefits, therefore this initiative has been implemented.

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Personalized Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition and managing your health, there isn’t really a one size fits all approach. Believe me, I have seen many clients in my practice who have adopted several diets or strategies which they picked off online or from their friends. As everyone has different needs, these quick fixes are often not sustainable. Arden’s evidence-based medical nutrition therapy is individualized to suit your personal needs.

Right Support & Motivation

We at Arden Metabolic Center believe that knowledge must be coupled with practical skills and doable strategies to create positive lifestyle changes. Being able to develop good dietary habits is easier said than done. We understand that many client’s may lose motivation along the way when they are on their own. Therefore, we provide you with the right support at the right time with a medical doctor’s guidance as well.

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Our Specialists & Nutritionist are ready to help you at any time.

Contact us any suitable way and make an appointment with the doctor whose help you need!

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