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How can a dietitian help me?

Dietitians are qualified to provide evidence-based nutrition services and have the expertise to provide individual dietary counselling, medical nutrition therapy, group dietary therapy and food service management. A dietitian has undertaken an accredited course of study that included substantial theory and supervised/assessed professional practice in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and food service management. Dietitians work with patients who are struggling to lose weight or need to improve their diet for chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood cholesterol. They work with patients to understand their needs and challenges, and design meal plans accordingly.

What does my consultation consist of?

Your consultation consists of a very comprehensive nutrition & metabolic assessment. Based on your needs we will  develop a suitable nutritional care plan for you. This differs from person to person, depending on your condition, your past experiences, your health goals. Do get in touch with me for a free 15mins consultation to help me better understand your requirements.

What is medical nutrition therapy?

Medical Nutrition Therapy, often abbreviated as MNT, is an evidence-based medical approach to treating certain chronic conditions with an individually-tailored nutrition plan, by a qualified dietitian. MNT involves in-depth individualized nutrition assessment and a duration and frequency of care using the Nutrition Care Process to manage disease.

If I am seeing a doctor at other clinic for my condition, can I book for a nutrition consultation at Arden?

Yes, you may. We can provide your doctor with a report at the end, if required.

How will I be supported in between my consultations?

We have a range of methods to keep in touch. It is very flexible, keeping in mind your busy lifestyle and work schedule.

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